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Bill Howell Co-Founder & Partner

In 2009 I was introduced to timeshare advocacy, since then I founded Helping Timeshare Owners, the national leader in timeshare mortgage cancellation services. We have locations and affiliates in 18 cities across the country.

We started Orlando Ventures, DBA Timeshare Lawyer Services to help those that no longer have mortgages, but are trapped in timeshares they are unable to get out of.

I’m not opposed to timeshare ownership, just the way it is sold. When the timeshare resorts or sales person violates your consumer rights or lies to you to get you to purchase a timeshare or upgrade your current ownership, you have been done an injustice, and that’s why I founded Timeshare Lawyers to help you navigate these situations.


  • Happily Married & Proud Father Of Two Daughters
  • Owned And Operated 11 Companies Since 1998

Current Owner & Partner Of:

  • Helping Timeshare Owners, Inc.
  • Orlando Ventures, Inc. •
  • Thermocool , Inc.
  • William Howell Consulting
  • All American Auto Body, Inc.
  • Billy Z Restoration, Inc.

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